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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions

  • Are there any up-front fees for auditing?

    None at all. We operate a ‘no save, no fee’ policy which means that if we don’t find any savings when we audit your water usage, you don’t pay us a penny.

    If we do find you savings, we simply share those savings with you.

  • Do I have to pay my bills through you?

    Of course not, we simply audit your business and if we find savings, then you pay us a share of those savings.

  • What's involved for me?

    Very little, we’ll just need to see some of your past water bills and conduct a site visit. The rest is over to us. 

  • Why don't you charge a fixed fee?

    We only charge for what savings we actually make you, and don’t believe in charging if we don’t find any. 

  • How do you know what savings there are?

    We have several years of water industry experience dealing with all the major water companies including Anglian Water, Thames Water, Welsh Water and more.

    This enables us to easily identify areas of your charges which may be incorrect. 

  • How long does the process take?

    The process varies depending on the type of savings we find, and how quickly your water company takes to close the case. We have completed the process in a matter of weeks for clients previously, however in some cases the process could  take longer.

  • How are you different?

    We’re different in the fact we guarantee only to charge you a share of what we actually save you. No fixed fees, or lengthy agreements, leaving you peace of mind that all you’ll be doing is saving your business money.

    We are also different in that we are a greatly experienced team that has found savings on several occasions for companies that have previously been audited by others.

  • Who do you work with?

    We’re proud to have worked with some recognisable brands in the UK, from a variety of sectors.

    Some of our clients include Cancer Research UK, JD Wetherspoon, Ask Italian, Cemex, Loughborough University and several local authorities. 

  • What do you manage?

    We manage your water usage to ensure you’re only using what you need to and we identify any excess usage from waste or by leaks.

  • What is Waterlog™?

    Waterlog is our revolutionary water management system designed to validate your bills to ensure you’re only paying what you need to, and nothing else.

  • Do I have to take all of your services?

    Each client has their own requirements, you can pick and choose the services you take from us.

  • Can I change services in the future?

    We will work with you to identify which services are right for you.

  • Can I outsource my projects to you?

    Absolutely, some clients use us as an extension of their own office. We are even able to answer the phone as your company.

  • Can I just take one?

    Of course. We discuss your objectives and if only one of our services is needed, that’s all we’ll provide.

  • Who's it for?

    Medium to Large businesses who want a strategic cost-saving initiative for their water.

  • When Can I Switch?

    You can switch water supplier now in Scotland, and England in 2017. 

  • Why Would I Switch Supply?

    Switching your water provider is a very simple process, and can help save your business a significant sum whether you have one, or multiple sites.

    If you have multiple sites, you can also consolidate all your sites in to one bill, maintaining an itemised list of sites.

  • Does it Cost to Switch?

    There is no cost to switch provider, only savings to gain! 

  • How Much Could I Save?

    We have managed to save clients who’ve switched hundreds of thousands of pounds with more on the way. We’ve saved some clients up to 25% on their water bills.

  • How Long is the Process

    Typically once we’re in receipt of a signed agreement, you’re switched within 2-4 weeks.

  • How Do I Switch?

    We simply need your SPID (found on your existing bill) along with a Letter of Authorisation which allows us to act on your behalf to switch your water supplier.

  • How will I Receive my Bill?

    You’ll receive your bill by email, which can either be per site, or consolidated into one bill, with one direct debit.