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Water Management for the Public Sector

Reduce overheads & retain your budgets

More Money in Your Budget

We can provide a holistic approach to your water management requirements to help you strategically plan reductions in cost and consumption to help maintain your budgets.

Experienced in the Public Sector

From local authorities including district and city councils,  to universities and public services we have helped manage and audit their water usage.

Reduce Wastage

Wasting budget due to inefficiencies in water use, leaks or even over charging from water companies is evident in over 50% of organisations. We can identify areas of waste and make recommendations to reduce consumption.

Understanding Your Usage

Our highly experienced engineers examine your sites for excess usage, potential leaks and more and understand the usage of your organisation to help suggest ways to reduce financial costs and help your environmental commitments.

Ongoing Water Management

We can support public sector operations by managing your water usage. With our Waterlog™ system, you will have full transparency on water spend and usage, as well as the ability to validate your bills. 

Annual Reviews

We’ll revisit your bills annually to make sure you continue to use water in the most efficient way.