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We are Experts in Water

We provide a complete water management package to businesses of all sizes and industries prioritising savings and reducing your environmental impact. Our solutions provide a holistic approach to water for your business.

  • Strategy Implementation to Reduce Consumption & Cost
  • Smart Metering Data
  • Leakage & Excess Consumption
  • Reduce Consumption & Charges
  • Process & Validate all Charges With Waterlog™
  • Effective Procurement with Water Buying Group™
  • Provide Relevant Management Information
  • White-Labelled Water Services
Complete Water Management
  • Strategy Implementation

    We devise and implement the right strategy for your business, looking at reducing consumption, charges and cost across all of your sites. 

  • Smart Metering

    Accurately measure consumption and cost through our AMR system. Updated every 15 minutes, these devices can alert us to any abnormal consumption but also help ensure you’re not overspending on your water.

  • Leakage, Find & Fix

    Our expert engineers will analyse your bill and identify any excess consumption. Should this be caused by a leak, we can find the leak and fix it too.

  • Reduce Consumption & Charges

    We have a great track record in addressing excessive consumption and charges delivering worthwhile refunds and reductions.

  • Waterlog™

    Our state-of-the-art Water Management System efficiently processes and validates all charges, ensuring you’re always paying the lowest for your water.

  • Water Procurement

    Scotland can now freely switch their water supply, which means you could save thousands off your water bill. Coming to England in 2017.

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