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If we don't find savings, you don't pay

Our no save, no fee guarantee makes auditing the obvious choice

Our Auditing Process

Bill Analysis & Validation

We forensically examine your bills to check for errors, overcharging and more which are key to saving you money. We then use our state-of-the-art Waterlog™ software system to validate each and every figure and charge on every bill. Once mistakes or overcharging is identified we resolve the issue with the water company securing a credit or refund.

Site Visits

We often visit client sites to look for opportunities for further savings.

We Get You Refunds & Savings

If we have identified savings from your water bills or site visit, we will work with your water company to secure you a refund, and ongoing savings.

How much could you save?

See how much we could save your business - speak to a Water Specialist on 01780 432900.

  • All Sectors

    We serve all industries and sectors consulting on their water savings.

  • Waterlog™

    Free Access to Waterlog™, our water management software to monitor consumption.

  • Cash Refunds

    The majority of our clients have received a cash refund from their water company.

  • Environmental

    We’ll make recommendations on how to reduce your consumption, and help you make a positive impact on the environment.

  • No Risk

    Don’t pay us a penny if we don’t find you savings.

  • Effective Support

    Combined with our management solution, Water Audit Services can take care of your water projects.

  • Water Experts

    Our team have years of experience in unearthing mistakes within tariffs, water consumption and technical details.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Reduced costs in your business goes a long way to improving your bottom line. And with no up-front costs, why wouldn’t you consider saving on your water?

Free Water Audit eBook

Free Water Audit eBook

Take advantage of our free water audit eBook packed with guidance, tips and water saving projects for your business.