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Water Switching Services

Switch water supplier now and save as much as 25%!

We'll Manage Your Switch

Water Buying Group™

We combine usage from our clients in Scotland to achieve significant savings when purchasing in bulk.

Join Free of Charge

There are no costs to join our Water Buying Group, we simply calculate your usage and switch your supply by buying water in bulk.

Save Money

Achieve up to 25% off your water charges by one simple switch. You’ll just need a few details found on your bills for each site – that’s it!

Speak with a switching specialist

Save up to 25% by switching your water supply with Water Audit Services. To start, call a Switching Specialist on  01780 432900

  • Collective Buying

    We use the power of bulk-purchasing to reduce the cost of your water charges for Scottish Sites. We take individual clients’ water usage and combine them together for an increased saving.

  • Savings up to 25%

    Some Scottish-based sites have not yet switched and are missing out on potential savings of up to 25%. Is this you? Call to find out more about this simple free service.

  • No Costs

    There are no costs to switch your water supply, you just need to agree to receive e-bills, there are also payment options of Direct Debit and BACS. Nothing else changes.

  • Easy To Switch

    Switching is pain-free, you’ll still receive the same water from the same sites through the same supply, but the company that bills you may change.

  • Minimal Effort

    To Switch, you’ll just need a few details found on your bill for each site, and leave the rest up to us. The process after signing is around 2-4 weeks.

  • Combine Water Savings & Reduction

    In addition to switching your water supply, we’ll also look at your usage and consumption and identify any potential issues including wastage and leakage.

Procurement eBook

Procurement eBook

Take advantage of our free procurement eBook packed with guidance, tips and water saving projects for your business.